The State of Ethics and Compliance in 2020

A Conversation with Panasonic Avionics’ Tiffany Archer, Schindler Elevator’s Luis Canuto, and SAI Global’s Rebecca Turco

Short Video Conversations

Managing successful and effective ethics and compliance programs is never an easy job. When you add a global pandemic with widespread health, wellness, and socioeconomic implications to the mix, on top of new risks, regulations, and cultural movements, things get more complicated.

As a partner to the ethics and compliance teams at hundreds of global organizations, we’ve received a lot of relevant and timely questions around the events of 2020, including, for starters:

  • How should I adjust my E&C training program to address COVID-19 and remote work?
  • What is the best way to start transparent conversations around diversity, inclusion, discrimination, and other topics that are more top-of-mind because of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Supreme Court rulings around LGBTQ employment rights?
  • Will the DOJ and other regulatory bodies be more lenient or forgiving to our program activity because of the pandemic?

To provide clarity to our community, our SVP of Learning, Rebecca Turco, spoke with Tiffany Archer and Luis Canuto to get their perspectives on what an effective program looks like at the most fundamental level, and how our current environment puts some of those circumstances to the test.


Tiffany Archer
Regional Ethics & Compliance Officer, Corporate Counsel (Americas & Europe), Panasonic Avionics


Luis Canuto
Deputy Group Compliance Officer, Schindler Elevator Corporation


Rebecca Turco
Senior Vice President, E&C Learning, SAI Global