Video Conversation | Capacity to Combat Corruption in Latin America:
Views from Regional Compliance Leaders

Hear from expert leaders from Control Risks, Frontera Energy and Uber as they discussion challenges they are facing today in LATAM.

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The 2020 Capacity to Combat Corruption Index

Assessing Latin America’s ability to uncover, punish, and deter graft

Corruption has historically been a challenge for Latin America. And in the COVID-19 environment of emergency government spending, relaxed controls, and remote working, the risk of corruption and mismanagement of funds has only increased.

This comes at a moment when the region-wide anti-corruption wave of recent years is losing force and, in some places, is dangerously receding.

Against this backdrop, Control Risks and Americas Society / Council of the Americas (ASCOA) introduce the second edition of the Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index.

The 2020 edition of the CCC Index has expanded to cover 15 countries, which together represent almost 95% of Latin America’s GDP.