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Welcome to the Global Ethics Summit 2023

Ethisphere’s Global Ethics Summit has always been a place for companies and delegates to learn, develop and share ideas that elevate our field and lead to greater business integrity. It’s been a place to become better.

This year, our 14th Annual Summit is going hybrid - showcasing more companies, featuring more points of view and bring together a larger community in person and virtually.

Join us as we advance together we gather senior leaders in person with their teams joining virtually from around the globe to shape and drive the Ethics Economy.


Why you should join the event


Assemble your global team to engage with one another and top leaders representing every continent, and 30+ industries.

Expert Panels

Learn strategies from senior executives from top companies and gain practical takeaways from leading E&C professionals sharing successful programs.


Formats that provide opportunities for discussions to go beyond tradition E&C topics, and address how business can come together to solve today's biggest challenges.

Company Showcases

Hear best practices, tactical approaches, see real time examples and ask questions as organizations bring their teams to present on leading topics.


The first Hybrid experience at the Summit where in-person and virtual attendees have exclusive and joint sessions to drive collaboration.


Join small group meetings to discuss key topics and challenges companies, hear short company presentations, and learn best practices.


Presentation Topics

The Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® has approved this event for up to 10.9 Live CCB CEUs and 21.6 Non-Live each based on a 50-minute hour, each.. Continuing Education Units are awarded based on individual attendance records. Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by CCB of this event content or of the event sponsor.


    Members Only Event

  • Day 02

    April 18th, 2023

  • Day 03

    April 19th, 2023


BELA Networking


Welcome to BELA Day: Opening Remarks


Voice of BELA: The State of the Profession

Hear from BELA company leaders on what is driving the ethics and compliance profession today. What do compliance teams look like in terms of skillsets? How have compliance leaders been able to take a larger role in overall organization business strategy? What are the challenges and opportunities for ethics and compliance professionals, programs, and priorities as we look toward the 2025 milestone year?


BELA Exclusive First Look at 2023 World's Most Ethical Companies Data, Trends, and Highlights | Taking a Deeper Dive

Join Ethisphere’s Director, Data & Services, Neal Thurston for a look at some of the more interesting data coming out of the 2023 class of World's Most Ethical Companies® honorees and participate in live polling to dive deeper into the data.


Keynote: Ethical and Inclusive Storytelling

Welcome Julie Ann Crommet, Founder and CEO of Collective Moxie, for a keynote and interactive session on the hard work of questioning the stories you tell yourself [and your organization tells], changing your operational systems, weeding out bias in your processes & making that transparent, sustainably changing the culture of your organization and committing to long-term accountability against your DEI goals. 


BREAK: ETHICAST in the Lobby


Keynote: An Anti-Harassment Conversation

Hear from Ally Coll, President and Co-Founder of the Purple Campaign, on the latest trends and most relevant issues in the anti-harassment space. Ally will be joined by Kari Bible, Director, Employee Relations - Head of Investigations at Gilead and Deanna Slocum, Sr. Director of Ethics & Compliance Programs at Uber on the challenges and successes they have experienced on the road to creating workspaces that are safe, welcoming, and committed to a culture of anti-harassment.


BELA Impact Awards


Virtual Networking


6th Annual BELA Dinner

Join us as we celebrate our community! The 6th Annual BELA Dinner is complimentary for up to 1 member of your team with a confirmed Global Ethics Summit registration pass, additional guest reservation can be purchased for $195. Connect with your Engagement Director to register today or reach out to [email protected]


Tuesday AM Networking


Opening Remarks + Ice Breaker + Ethisphere Driven Data

Opening Remarks
Ethisphere's CEO Erica Salmon Byrne opens the Global Ethics Summit! 

Unlock Potential with The Second City

Join performers from The Second City for this interactive ice breaker to rev up your mental engines! 

Ethisphere Data – Highlights from 2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies: Stakeholders
Hear the latest highlights and insights from the 2023 World's Most Ethical Companies data set.


Ethicast Live! The Promise and Opportunity of the Ethics Economy

Join Bill Coffin LIVE from Global Ethics Summit main stage as he sits down with Ethisphere leadership.


Managers as Pressure Regulators: Ensuring Employees Achieve with Integrity

Pressure is not inherently good or bad and depends on the circumstances surrounding it and the degree to which it is applied. It often cascades downward from senior leadership, with middle managers having a huge impact on how employees experience pressure to perform. In this session, hear from the panel on how managers can help their employees navigate pressure without compromising ethical values, how to lead by example, and how manager behavior can influence that of their employees.


Equipping the Board to Lead on Ethics & Compliance

While we usually think about preparing the broader employee base when it comes to ethics and compliance, they are not the only group that needs attention. Your Board of Directors should also be educated on ethics and compliance and how it impacts their role at the organization. In this session, learn how you can engage with your Board of Directors on ethics and compliance, including training and education, tools and resources, communications, and building rapport.


Driving Your Program Forward with Operationalizing Compliance Data

Some compliance programs are just starting to think about gathering and using operational data to monitor, assess, and improve their programs. Others have already made strides in this area. Whether you are on one end or the other of your journey, or somewhere in between, join this panel to understand how compliance programs are using data and metrics to better assess program performance and learn how they improve their efforts.


Developing Ethical Leadership At the Intersection of DE&I and AI (Virtual Only) AM

High-stakes business decisions have always been complex because they lack one “right” answer.  Yet, today’s real-world decisions can seem even more challenging as companies wrestle with complexities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).  Quandary, an award-winning, nonprofit computer game played more than 2 million times, has proven to build ethical decision-making skills in educational settings. In this session, Quandary's developers will share what they’ve learned about improving ethical decision-making, and the use of games and gamification as a training technique. They’ll also lead a discussion of your concerns with the use of technology and gamification as well as the next phase of Quandary, at the intersection of DE&I and AI.


Walk Before You Run: How to Stand Up or Support a Compliance Program Early in Their Journey

Not every organization is at the same point in their compliance program journey or has the same maturity level. Those with more mature programs can help cultivate and support smaller or less mature programs in their journey. Whether your compliance program is small or early its maturity, or you work with those in your value chain, let this session be your guide to building the foundations of a good ethics and compliance program at your organization or helping those who are early in their program maturity.


Ethisphere Solutions: The Sphere

IN-PERSON SESSION ONLY: This session will be available on-demand for all attendees. 

If you don’t know where you are, you can’t plan where you are going. Program assessment and benchmarking are the first critical steps in setting the direction for program improvement priorities. In this session, hear from companies taking advantage of the data and insights in The Sphere to assess program strengths, surface program improvement opportunities, and advocate for the resources needed to further mature their programs.


Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: What Do We Owe To Employees? What Do Employees Owe To Us?

What is an ethical employer?  An ethical employee?  How do business pressures and the threat of employee lawsuits shape our understanding of what is appropriate employer-employee behavior, and do those norms actually represent “best practices?”  In this roundtable session, Husch Blackwell labor and employment partner Scott LeBlanc will lead an ethics-and-risk-focused discussion exploring topics such as employee performance evaluations, planning and implementing terminations and layoffs, employee surveillance and privacy, and regulating off-duty conduct. 


Programs in Action: Alcon on Training




Luncheon Keynote with Real Biz Shorts


Looking to make your E&C training program stand out? For over 60 years, The Second City has been refining their comedy shows based on feedback from the audience. Now, they’re bringing that unique creative process to GES to show you how they create content for the world's most captivating E&C video library - Real Biz Shorts!

So, what's the secret behind this process? It's all about finding truth through great improvisation and reflecting that truth in unexpected and hilarious ways.  Because, let's face it, who doesn't love a good laugh?

The best part? You'll get to co-create your very own E&C video with The Second City troupe. That's right, they'll work with you to develop something that's both entertaining and educational, so you can say goodbye to dull videos that put your team to sleep and hello to learning that’s truly memorable.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the biz!


Claws, Carrots, & Sticks: Selecting the Right Tools to Encourage Ethical Behavior

In her September 2022 memo, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco discussed using instruments of individual accountability such as discipline, claw backs, restitution, and others to discourage wrongdoing. This raises an interesting question: what is the best way to encourage ethical behavior at your organization? In this session, panelists will share their insights into how you can answer that question. The discussion will include how to create effective incentives or deterrents, partnering with other functions at your organization, and recognizing employees when they get it right.


Ethisphere Driven Data

Highlights from 2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies results.


Avoiding ESG Potholes: The CLO View on Aligning with the Board, Delivering on Commitments, & Evolving Governance

The focus on ESG has increased dramatically in recent years. This has led to promises and commitments being made on a range of fronts from carbon-neutrality to community aid. However, these statements can lead to greenwashing, the false idea that products, aims, or policies are environmentally friendly. In this session, hear from leaders about the big picture on promises versus the ability to deliver, assurance and auditing, and avoiding greenwashing.


Live Ethicast + Break


A New Dawn in Third Party Due Diligence

More and more organizations are stepping up their due diligence efforts for suppliers and other third parties. They are moving beyond certifications to garner a greater understanding about the way their potential partners operate. The scope of due diligence is also broadening with more attention on areas such as human rights. In this session, panelists will discuss how organizations can increase their due diligence efforts, strategies for successful monitoring, building trust and relationships with third parties, and how data analytics play a role in due diligence.


Maximizing Time & Attention of the Board, Leadership, and Other Stakeholders to Showcase Your Program

It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that it can be challenging get the attention of the Board or leadership, let alone get their time to discuss and showcase your ethics and compliance program. In this session, hear from ethics and compliance leaders on how they highlight their program and its value, get tips on creating dashboards, defining KPIs, and building reports, and learn how and how often they are able to get in front of their Board or board committees.


The Blurring Lines of Training & Communication: Using the Best of Both Approaches to Build Employee Competency

Training and communications are so often paired together when talking about ethics and compliance. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as they typically go hand-in-hand. One can be used to increase the effectiveness of the other. In this session, hear from panelists about how you can utilize a communications mindset to deliver training content, keep the important conversations going throughout the year, and capitalize on the opportunity of compliance or integrity weeks.


Helping Managers Get Ethics & Compliance Right in a World of Increasingly Varied Employee Expectations

Speaking up to a manager is a common modality for reporting concerns and potential misconduct for employees. However, with varying employee expectations, cultural and generational differences, and multiple types of work environments in the same organization, it can be challenging to prepare managers for these conversations. In this session, the panel will discuss how to prepare managers for ethics and compliance conversations, dealing with the mental health of employees, and creating an environment where employees feel safe speaking up.


Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Getting Greater Value from the Investigations Process: Overcoming Internal Challenges & Barriers

Many companies continue to grapple with processes and protocols related to the investigations process. Management of case information, refining the root cause analysis process, and establishing the appropriate level of transparency in reporting on hotline incidents and investigations outcomes have been common topics of discussion and concern among E&C leaders. In this roundtable-style conversation, Baker McKenzie’s Peter Tomczak will lead a conversation on  
1.    investigations ownership – process, people, and data,  
2.    root cause analysis and taxonomy, and  
3.    sharing data, case scenarios, and outcomes with management and employees  
Participants will have a chance to talk openly about specific challenges, share solutions, and ask questions around improving the effectiveness of the investigations process from the initial report through post-close analysis. 


Ethisphere Solution Session - Culture Measurement

IN-PERSON SESSION ONLY: This session will be available on-demand for all attendees. 

One highly effective way to measure the success of your ethics & compliance program is through employee culture surveys. Join us as companies share their experience using Ethisphere’s Culture Assessment to identify key areas of risks or opportunities for their ethics & compliance program. Panelists will share best practices and strategies for identifying trends, building action plans, presenting data to key stakeholders and how they used the data to improve their work with managers and champions, increase the effectiveness of their training and communications, and address common culture challenges. 


Developing Ethical Leadership At the Intersection of DE&I and AI (Virtual Only) PM

High-stakes business decisions have always been complex because they lack one “right” answer.  Yet, today’s real-world decisions can seem even more challenging as companies wrestle with complexities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).  Quandary, an award-winning, nonprofit computer game played more than 2 million times, has proven to build ethical decision-making skills in educational settings. In this session, Quandary's developers will share what they’ve learned about improving ethical decision-making, and the use of games and gamification as a training technique. They’ll also lead a discussion of your concerns with the use of technology and gamification as well as the next phase of Quandary, at the intersection of DE&I and AI.


Programs in Action: AARP on Engaging Employees


Live! Ethicast & Break


Putting Ethics & Culture in the Driver's Seat of Business Strategy

A poor ethical culture will eat compliance policies and certifications for lunch. The phrase, "it was a business decision" is still used in defense of ethically gray actions, as if ethical culture is somehow separate from business. In this session, learn from the panelists about the importance of including ethics in the conversation about business strategy, holding leaders accountable for setting cultural expectations at the organization, and how to make ethical behavior a business goal.


Ethicast - Highlights from the Day


Cocktail Reception


Virtual Networking Day 2

Exclusive to our virtual audiance, network with your ethics and compliance peers!


Wednesday AM Networking


Opening Remarks + Ethisphere Drive Data

Kicking off the final day of the Summit with more insights from the 2023 World's Most Ethical Companies data set.


A Board Conversation on Today's Risk Environment

Board members have had to guide companies in a risk environment being fed by a firehose of new challenges. How does the board view the current risk environment? What data is the Board seeking to properly evaluate the risks at hand. In this session, a panel of Board members will discuss how the board looks at today's risk environment, how they assess the current business climate, and the role of compliance, integrity, and governance in aligning with the Board to more effectively improve in areas such as ESG to ensure values and opportunity outweigh the cost.


Ethicast Break

Join Bill Coffin LIVE from Global Ethics Summit bringing you behind the scenes interviews, data trends and best practices.


The Power of Transparency & Storytelling to Bring Commitment to Values to Life

Information and data have power and sharing it can strengthen an organization's culture. This is especially true in the case of investigations data, which, along with other measures of ethics and compliance activities, can be shared to bolster employee confidence in the organization's commitment to values. In this session, panelists will talk about utilizing storytelling in their communications, how to increase transparency, and using data and real examples to educate employees on the investigations process and outcomes.


Culture Measurement 101 Revisited: What Remains the Same & What is Changing

We’ve talked before about measuring culture at your organization and using that data to diagnose the health of your program. This often comes in the form of using a culture survey and its resulting data to analyze the effectiveness of your program initiatives. In this session, panelists will discuss the varying methods of measuring culture, what has consistently been effective, and what changes they have seen in recent years. 


Ethisphere Solution Session: i360

Ethics and Compliance leaders continue to make use of increased automation to manage program processes and controls, workflows, improvement projects, and operational data. Join the conversation as companies share their journey of continued efficiency through automation using Ethisphere’s i360 platform. Hear examples of simplifying risk management and increasing program engagement in areas such as disclosures, risk assessment, employee surveys, and certifications. 


People Impacts & ESG: Stakeholders as ESG Drivers

People and their expectations are one of the most powerful drivers of ESG goals and initiatives. It is imperative to listen to your employees, customers, the communities in which you operate, and those impacted by your products and practices. In this session, learn how to define and prioritize your stakeholders, focus on the "S" in ESG, and understand the risks and opportunities that your stakeholders' expectations can create.


Defining the Right Scale and Scope of Ethics & Compliance Risk Assessments for Your Organization

There is no one-size-fits all approach in the world of risk assessments. Including a handful of ethics and compliance questions within a larger enterprise risk assessment will likely not cultivate the information needed to build a foundation for a robust ethics and compliance program. However, there is often little appetite for, or value in, using an overly broad ethics and compliance-specific risk assessment. In this session, learn from panelists on how they created ethics and compliance risk assessments that fit their organizations.


Ethisphere Solutions: Value Chain

It reduces your risk to have third-parties with more mature ESG and compliance programs in your value chain. The challenge is how to find a scalable way to measure third-party program maturity and provide them with advice and resources to improve in priority areas. This becomes even more complex when you consider the range of risk topics from corruption to data privacy to environmental and social compliance. In this session you’ll hear success stories from companies that have collaborated with Ethisphere to measure and improve value-chain partners and investment fund portfolio companies. 


Peer-to-Peer Executive Leadership Conversation: The SEC Enforcement Landscape: An Overview of SEC Enforcement Trends and Risk Mitigation Strategies for Your Organization

With the SEC enforcement focus turning to ESG fraud, cybersecurity, enhancing their whistleblower
With the SEC enforcement focus turning to ESG fraud, cybersecurity, enhancing their whistleblower program and individual accountability, join Haima Marlier, Partner at Morrison Foerster for this conversation on aligning your organization’s compliance priorities with the agency’s evolving enforcement agenda and understanding what conversations you should be having internally with leadership and your team.


Peer-to-Peer Executive Leadership Conversation - On the Rise: How Today’s CECO’s Are Preparing for New Executive Positions and Moving Into The Boardroom

In a business climate where career agility is essential, Chief Compliance and Chief Ethics Officer have unique paths to pursue. There is no better time than now to create a plan and unlock the
 potential for ascension or expansion in your current company to unlock new career opportunities at the C-suite and Board levels. The relationships developed at the C-suite level are essential and
 experience with risk management, board reporting and engagement can be keys to advancement. What skillsets or specializations are at a premium beyond your foundational compliance and ethics knowledge? How can CECO’s think about their existing skills and scope in fresh ways? How might the CECOs of today help boardrooms tomorrow as more Board of Director positions need to fill knowledge and leadership gaps with audit, risk management, compliance, legal, ESG, and more. 

This fireside chat and open dialogue with a closely held set of peers will share insights from those who have navigated their positions from CECO to C-suite to Board, while providing pragmatic tips and considerations to prepare you for GC, Board or other C-suite opportunities.


Live Ethicast Break


Increasing Enforcement Efforts & What That Means for Evaluating Compliance Programs

Hear from experts at regulatory agencies about how enforcement efforts have been increasing, what they expect from ethics and compliance programs, and how these changes will impact their evaluation process for compliance programs.


That's a Wrap: Ethicast Recap


The Speakers

Erica Salmon Byrne



Andrew Neblett



Matthew Axelrod

Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement

Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce

Glenn Leon

Chief, Fraud Section

U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division

Julie Ann Crommet

Founder & CEO

Collective Moxie

Alan Tse

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary


My Chi To

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary


Salvador Dahan

Executive Director, Chief Governance & Compliance Officer


Adam Balfour

Vice President & General Counsel for Corporate Compliance and Vice President for Global Risk Management

Bridgestone Americas

David Amendola

Global Compliance Risk Evaluation & Management


Georgette Kiser

Board Director, Aflac; Operating Executive, The Carlyle Group


Salvador Hernandez

Senior Compliance and Ethics Advisor

Husch Blackwell

Catherine Razzano

Head of Global Legal Compliance

TikTok/ Byte Dance

Cassidy Davis

Client Success Manager


Aarti Maharaj

VP, Global Partnerships and Managing Director, BELA South Asia and Asia Pacific


Emily Rickaby

Director, Shared Expertise & Strategic Projects


Craig Moss

Executive Vice President, Measurement


Hemma Lomax

VP, Associate General Counsel, Global Head of Integrity and Compliance


Ally Coll

President & Co-Founder

The Purple Method

Kari Bible

Director, Employee Relations - Head of Investigations

Gilead Sciences Inc.

Kristi Kevern

Senior Managing Director, Ethics & Compliance


Asha Palmer

SVP Compliance


Ula Ubani

Chief Ethics Officer and Head, Customer Complaint Appeals


Camille Cleveland

General Counsel

Blue Nile Inc.

Bill Underwood

Senior Director, Global Compliance & Ethics

Best Buy

Laurie Oliver

Senior Ethics & Compliance Consultant


Jeannine Lemker

Director, Major Lindsey & Africa & Former Ethics and Compliance Leader, Meta & Microsoft

Major Lindsey & Africa

Kathleen Whalen

Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

HCA Healthcare

Bill Coffin



Kevin McCormack

Executive Vice President & Executive Director, BELA


Neal Thurston

Director, Data & Services


Tara Shewchuk

Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & Vice President


Jerry Kral

SVP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Chief Risk Officer


Antonio Robinson

SVP, Corporate Social Responsibility, Chief Compliance Officer

Carter's, Inc.

Michael Spencer

GVP & Chief Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Rimini Street, Inc.

Duane Stumpf

Global Head, Integrity & Compliance


Richard Buchband

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Manpower Group

Cheryl Wahl

Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compiance Officer

The Metro Health System

Matthew Watkins

Director, Compliance


Valda Clark Christian

Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Ohio Health

Heather Cromwell

Head of Strategic Compliance Programs


Shanda Botts

SVP, Ethics and Compliance, Employment Law & Litigation


Jesse Case

Music Director, Facilitator, Performer, Writer

The Second City

Neal Dandade

Performer, Facilitator

The Second City

Linda Smith-Galipeau

Board Director and Chair of the Governance, Ethics and Compensation Committee, WSP


Anitha Badrinarayanan

Senior Director, Ethics and Compliance Intelligence

Kaiser Permanente

Tim Stoltenberg


The Second City

Stephen Sugrue

Chief Compliance Officer


Sayjal Joshi


The Second City

Lucy Clark Dougherty

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Gbemi Yusuff

Senior Compliance Counsel

One Trust

Brian Michael


Morrison Foerster

Tyler Lawrence

Director, Data & Servcies


Harper Wells

Chief Compliance Officer

Learning Pool

Brian Beeghly

Executive Vice President, Insights & Solutions


Leslie Benton

Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel


Scott Stevenson

Director, Culture Practices


Veena Lakkundi

Board Director, Trinity Industries; Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development, Rockwell Automation

Trinity Industries

Peter Tomczak


Baker Mckenzie

Elizabeth Roper


Baker Mckenzie

Maria D'avanzo

Cheif Evangelist Officer


Suzanne Libby

Senior Director, Ethics

Capital One

Deborah Spanic

Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer


Scott Leblanc


Husch Blackwell

Katie Smith

Vice President, Ethics Office


Aaron Tidman

Director, Compliance & Investigations


Cindy Durkin

Vice President, Compliance & Ethics


Callie Pappas


Callie Pappas Global Consulting

Ryan Miller

Deputy General Counsel and Deputy Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer


Catherine Hanaway


Husch Blackwell

Geoff Martin


Baker Mckenzie

Beth Simon

Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer

Unum Group

Fernando Fraile Gonzalez

Compliance Strategy & Global Coordination


Haima Marlier


Morrison Foerster

Judith Ndoping

Senior Compliance Counsel


Karin Johnson

Vice President Ethics and Compliance

VF Corporation

Steve Harris

SVP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Lincoln Financial

Amber Hall

Vice President, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Cox Communications

Susannah Bennett

Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, Global Compliance

Marriott International

Angee Kerns

Senior Associate, Ethics & Compliance

Booz Allen Hamilton

Craig Donaldson

Managing Director

Major, Lindsey and Africa

Joseph Pugh

Senior Director, Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance


Jillian Charles

Vice President & General Counsel - Antitrust & Anticorruption


Todd Cioni

Vice President, Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Privacy Officer

Care First BlueCross BlueShield

Nancy Reynolds

Managing Associate General Counsel, Employment, ESG and Chief Ethics Officer

Western Union

Sally Sears

Vice President, Ethics & Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Ethics Officer

Prudential Financial, Inc.

Tyson Avery

Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Viviana Gutiérrez Bohórquez

Compliance Officer


Christy Bonstell

Facilitator, Performer, Writer & Director

The Second City Works

Daniel Berrios

Senior Director, Principal Counsel, North American Trade & Compliance


Spencer Preis

VP, Associate General Counsel, Deputy Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, Asst. Secretary

Southwire Company

Christin Hill


Morrison Foerster

Yousri Omar

Director & Associate General Counsel-Business Conduct & Ethics


Deanna Slocum

Sr. Director, Ethics & Compliance


Shelly London



Andrew Greenfeld

Compliance and Ethics Program Manager


Scot Osterweil

Computer Game Designer

Massachusetts Institute of Technlogy

Erin Kitchen


Yadaira Orsini

Associate Director ESG

Control Risks

Alison Marciano

Senior Compliance & Ethics Manager

Georgia-Pacific, LLC

Patricia Thompson

Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer

Pacific Life Insurance Company

Nicole Diaz

Global Head of Integrity & Compliance Legal

Snap Inc.

Jane Edwards

Associate General Counsel, Trust & Compliance Officer


Bill Brierly

Vice President, Head of Compliance & Ethics

Liberty Latin America

Shannon Meneses

Daniel O'Donnell


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